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Updated: May 6, 2021

The company

INDUSKARGHA is a social impact company, for-profit brand, working to support rural livelihoods, connecting small producers to relevant markets. We are a cultural connoisseur following and highlighting the cultural evolution, tracing the roots back to the starting of civilization which was Indus valley. The cultural roots of the modern-day India are related to these early civilizations which were highly advanced but were lost in between.

What we do?

IK produces authentic, unique handmade products made by underprivileged producers of India. The categories include handloom-based artistic products (Home décor products, wearables, bags) organic (food products, healthy seeds, herbal powders) and sustainable products (Recyclable products, natural fiber-based utility products). These producers lack a market for their skills, because of gaps in opportunities, market understanding, means of transport and no access to digital facilities. They are however highly skilled at their products. We provide them the quality understanding, latest design support and digital support to market their products on our platforms. The aim is to bring employment opportunities for the underutilized and underprivileged population while bringing authentic products to customers. About 60% of Indians population is into farming and 4 million people into handlooms and handicrafts. These are the registered numbers however, there is immense talent in the rural India in each household who complete all these tasks themselves at home. Tapping these resources for commercial projects has huge potential.

What started it all?

The company was started by a group of experienced professionals who wanted to do more for society, than a 9-6 job that paid them well. We all belong to the heart of Madhya Pradesh, a place which is much out of the limelight, but has been an advantage in terms of the peace surrounding it. The better part of the state is under developed, agriculture being the main occupation of the residents. Some of the towns do offer very good schooling facilities but not an environment which could encourage any ambitious souls. Having moved out for higher education and seen both the worlds of a small town and the rushing metros, it was about time that we did something for our hometown. So, we decided that this place will be the first cluster for starting out the work. That’s how we held hands with Soul Foundation who helped us to gather the nearby rural people for understanding their needs, problems and their existing skills and occupations if any.

What started as a company to transform and sell authentic handloom products soon saw in its ambit the inclusion of weavers, artisans, designers and farmers producing organic products. With a range of more than 50 different product profiles, it went further in its social mission to support rural livelihoods in their authentic format.

Reaching the Unreached

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