Three healthy habits for a positive psychology

There is no single answer for wellbeing, we all know that. It is a conglomerate of many different factors of life, managed with balance and confidence. Well being starts with what we value the most and how we can maximize this value. Difficult situations and challenges tend to take away some of our wellbeing when such issues arise. Like: getting sick, losing money, losing a job or not having the people we love around us. These days the most common challenge is being stuck at home for safety’s sake.

Positive psychology
Positivity is Holistic

Have you ever noticed that siblings or friends brought up in the same environment turn up to be so different as adults, once they grow up? Psychology experts and scientists have researched for years on what differentiates a person who has more mental well-being than others. Having better mental wellbeing also means chance of a better physical wellbeing than the others. Over the years, it has been established that having a positive psychology is an important reason why some people are more mentally resilient than others.

So we discuss in this blog, one of the many reasons of what differentiates a person having positive psychology from the others.

It depends upon the way that we perceive bad events:

1. Permanent or temporary: Whether you consider the bad event to go away in time or you believe that the condition will remain the same forever?

2. Local or everywhere: You apply the experience to one specific event or generalized across all events? Have you heard yourself say sometimes, “This happens to me all the time”

3. Controllable or uncontrollable: Whether you believe that the event is in your control or not. Sometimes we may need some experienced person to let us know there are other options. It needs an open mind to accept that there might be other options.

Positive psychology
Fight or Flight?

Now in every bad situation, whether you choose the option 1 or option 2, depends upon whether you are an optimist or pessimist. Optimistic people generally choose the first option, that is, the event is temporary and does not mean I can never come out of it. Second, that it applies only to my current situation and does not mean my entire life is in a mess. For example, if there is a problem taking off my new business, there are other factors in life like good relationships and a healthy number of options to choose for making a living. Third, believing that the situation is controllable and there is definitely something I will be able to do about fixing it. Even if finally, I am not able to fix it, having an open mind lets me look at better options easily.

So, there are tests designed by experts which measures how people explain the things that happen in their lives. You can always look at some of these interesting tests and try to change your thinking patterns by applying the 3 parameters listed above.

Having good health and well-being is a skill that one has to learn and practice with a lot of patience and understanding, one skill at a time, one day at a time. In some of our other blogs, we will discuss the good habits that make up a healthy personality.

In order to share some of your own ideas, please drop us a comment in the comments section. You can also consider joining one of our well- being forums to contribute your ideas regularly in the group.

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