Spiritual Health and Well-Being

Personal growth is a choice. Physical growth is not a choice. Time passing away is not a choice, but using this time appropriately is a choice. Well Being is all about making this choice. And good leadership requires managing the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life.

Everything that is there around us, are because of the level of our consciousness and the way we use our energy. The world that we live in, and the level that we are in all are dimensions are outcomes of mental structure. When we talk of energy, what is energy? It is the force within us which has kept us alive and moving. Now simple kinetic energy moves where force is applied. Similarly, we all have a mental energy. This mental energy can be directed through the force of focus. Whatever you focus on, you will become.

Personal growth cannot happen in isolation. It cannot happen in one dimension of your life and ignore the others. It is in each dimension of your life, whether it is Health, your Wealth or relationships. The underlying factor is same in the case of all these dimensions which is the quality of decisions that you have made in the past and you choose to continue those in the present times.

In every ancient culture the universe has been treated as a unity, as a circle & humans have been central to that.

We always hear that think positive and good things will happen to you. But is this concept so shallow? Then how come there is so much suffering in this world if the solution is so simple. The problem is that positive thinking is not accompanied by a positive belief and positive belief is not accompanied by a positive action. There may be lot of obstacles in the completion of an objective, but if your intentions are powerful enough, then you can overcome all those obstacles and achieve whatever you want to achieve. It is a stage of mind over matter.

So, it’s a vicious and tricky situation. Ultimately you are controlling your energy. Your existence and non-existence, both are energy. Your mind is your energy. Matter or physical appearance is energy in solid form, mind is an energy in liquid form. And in human case, liquid took control over solid. In all cases, whichever is more powerful will adopt the nature of the other. If your matter is more powerful, then your mind may adopt the nature of materialist things and you may feel helplessness. If your mind is more powerful then you can control matter. After the evolution of technology, human brain moved to a stage where they could move this energy towards the desired flow. For example, electricity in a building. It is going through a channel which is useful for you as human being, or comfortable for you. It is not going through least resistance. After lot of research in the spiritual fraternity, they also found ways to move this energy intentionally, with awareness.

It is an established spiritual and psychological wisdom that one must remain in the present in order to get the best out of the moment. Being in the present means being focused on whatever best can be done in the moment. It leads to the fullest utilization of available resources. This is the practical point of view. From a spiritual point of view, it is said to be not attached to the outcome but focus on the action. Action can only happen in the present moment. So whatever viewpoint is adapted, interpretation is more or less for the same outcome. Coming to an extension of this principle, being in the present, it does not mean that we do not set goals for the future. Acting in present is knowing that we must also act for a future which is full of new learnings and growth.

While a spiritual mode of life may suggest that you live your life through the eyes of a spectator, that means you also become a spectator to your emotions and let them come and pass, without getting overwhelmed in the process and letting them upset your physical and mental wellbeing. There is a stage in between the basic struggles for life and the ultimate yogic nirvana. It is the level where you do not leave the worldly pleasures, in fact you train your system up to a level where you can achieve all you want and navigate yourself in a systematic manner through this stage.

Navigating through life needs more than just vision boards and positive affirmations. We take it for granted that we are meant to achieve limited abundance in life. How many times have we heard people saying “After all, its life, you can’t have it all!” True, that if we spread our attention to too many objects of interests or goals that we would like to achieve, we may spread ourselves too thin, to be able to achieve any of them to a reasonable level. But what if the multiple goals and a wholesome and abundant life was a single achievable goal in itself? What if you could define this abundant life as one single goals and different parts of your life as just different beautiful attributes of the same abundance.

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