Physical Health and Wellbeing

Updated: May 3, 2021

Physical cycle

Physical mechanisms of the body operate through the physical factors like our genetics, how much we exercise and how much we use the physical senses in a manner which is useful for our growth. However, our mind has an impact on our physical structure i.e. the brain and vice versa. The question arises that if mind is something out of the physical world, then how does it interact with the physical world? There is a powerful link between the physical and the spatial world. We manifest things, situations and circumstances in the spatial world. However, we use the energy of our consciousness through emotions to create intentions and then focus on those intentions. That is how the way to move forward comes along the path.

Having a physically fit body makes us feel full of confidence. You can create a healthy body through behavioral psychology. No one sticks to a diet plan ever in the world. There is a certain disruption of beliefs required for training our minds to switch to functional food and physical health plans. At the same time, how this nutrition impacts us and how it is absorbed in the body is a matter of our behavior again. Lets see how these 2 factors make up our physical fitness and well being.

The Exercise myth:

Exercise is not just a way to increase the physical ability, but also the way to increase our mental agility. Try and experiment it with your productivity. The day you start with exercise and the day you do not, there will be a difference in the way that you perform on work. This difference becomes more and more profound as we go on exercising with a regular routine.

The impact of nutrition on well being:

There is a very deep-rooted impact on the nutrition of our body, from the relationship that we share with our food. Food is not merely a fuel to fill in our body, but with mindfulness, we can even become healthier, keeping exercise aside. An unfortunate paradox of our generation is that of a demanding attention. Attention demands are the biggest from sources like TV and mobile phones. This is the number one cause of a disconnection from the food. One tends to think this is my me time, a time to relax so I should be doing what I like side by side. There are people who have no time for a separate lunch. They have ‘working lunches’ which essentially means completing lunch as a necessary ritual in which you have no interest but have to complete somehow.


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