Perceptions and the Present moment

Only the present moment has all the power, one who remains in the present all the time has access to a happy and fulfilled life!

The nature of our minds is such that it has the tendency to either dwell or to project. Dwelling in the past and projecting the future. Both of which are mere illusions and not real.

The present has access to all the knowledge, pleasure and resources. The pleasure to gain more knowledge, know more people and know the world. It is the greatest sin to loose the present moment in worry and guilt. The tendency to dwell and project is not there in the sub conscious mind or the super conscious mind. It is only a nature of the conscious mind which is also controlled by the five senses which are seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. In an urge and compulsion to satisfy the sense organs, the conscious mind is completely driven by it, rather than control the present moment.

When the mind is quiet and clear, one can see the future crystal clear. When the lake is distorted, one cannot see even their own face inside it. Maya” as we saw earlier, is the illusion or the creative energy which also creates the illusion of time, through “mana” or mind. Our consciousness creates thoughts which is a pure string of energy to understand life on the planet, our purpose and how to go about completing that purpose. The mind, however distorts these thoughts according to its perceptions.

PERCEPTION is very personal and too individual.

Our perception is different than our kids and parents. Your perception is your life and your experiences. Your understanding of things, which may be different than others. There is no similarity in two persons. Hence with this personal and limited thing, how can you generalize or make a universal statement? And we complain that nobody is able to understand us. They can’t because they have different perception than you. It is you who is pulling yourself in that condition and impose your perception on the world. We have limited knowledge of multiple perceptions. So, it’s better to be a companion of the environment rather than to try and be a competitor.

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