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Updated: May 10, 2021

INDUSKARGHA® focuses on products and processes that have a positive impact on the society and environment. The biggest challenge for such producers is that they are scattered across different locations within the huge landscape of the country and so are the consumers. These producers also have different specialized skills as per their locations. The company thus works in clusters with these artisans for a social mission in order to support the artisans by providing them work and a means of earning. The urban consumers get an access to these products which are otherwise available as mass produced products and also very expensive in cities. There is a quality support and training provided to the artisans by skilled students and trainers from reputed institutes. They are free to take up independent assignments also in their free time increasing their earning capacity. As most of the artisans working with us are women, it leads to women empowerment, better understanding and awareness as they get this professional exposure and able to earn some money for their families.

WEAVERS and FARMERS are the lifeline of our products. Our strength lies in introducing new designs and useful products, which cannot be replaced by the Mass production sector. We closely work in collaboration with SOUL FOUNDATION® which supports small producers to upgrade their skills by forming clusters of Self- Help Groups.

Women working in rice farm
Rural livelihoods in their own settings

INDUSKARGHA connects directly with the producers to understand the nuances of their process, and let them know that we are there to support for quality improvement, providing them marketing support and co-creating along-with them. We run our research projects constantly in interior tribal areas of India to understand the how their skills and talents can be upgraded.

Traditionally the village women either work in mass production factories on daily wages, doing odd jobs like packing and washing. Due to the recent pandemic, many such workers lost their jobs

Women partners of induskargha
Women partners of induskargha

and unable to step out of their homes. This is the time they could use to put their skills at work and make products sitting at home. Our centers provide them the necessary material and understanding to visit on flexible hours and complete their work from home. Consumers in cities and towns usually like to buy creative and organic products, however they buy mass produced goods or from retailers which charge a huge margin and heavy price for these products. It is much more convenient if such goods are sourced from small entrepreneurs which produce these goods by hand retaining the authenticity of these products, using minimum or no harmful chemicals, processes and undue waste. Our products include the use and revival of ancient arts and crafts of India as well as authentic farm products. The mainstream of employment is now going to the office or factory jobs creating forgotten or extinct skills which were the heritage of this country. Reviving these skills means the upcoming generations will take an interest in them if they find them economically viable as a profession. Thus, one of our social missions is to create a next generation of happy entrepreneurs.

IndusKargha has double focus, one is to create profitable platform for its product and second is to create sustainable jobs for the rural sector. The company works on community basis, where people are paid basis their quality of local production unit which sells the product to Company. The company is focused on women empowerment and more than 90% of the employees in its are women. Hiring is limited to only those people who are aligned to the social values of the company. It gives attention to the requirements of skill development of the employees through regular training programs supported by Soul Foundation.

The aim of the company is to create clusters covering 25000 producer families by the end of year 2022.

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