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Imagine a regular working day during the pandemic. You get up on a Friday morning, happy that it is the last day of a hectic week, you go through the day attending meetings online or going through your daily chores feeling bored or feeling accomplished. Next in the evening you meet you old friends for tea, feeling connected and joyful, sharing the news, feeling scared or opiniated about the government, China and your neighbors. You have your dinner with family, enjoying the company but you do not like the vegetable and you choose to include your favorite pickle to make the meal tasty. After dinner you enjoy your favorite movie or Netflix series experiencing the thrill of an outside world where you once went out freely. But you feel the same emotions while going through a movie.

What was the one in thing common in the above para which enables us to experience life? it is EMOTIONS!!

Emotional Wellbeing
Emotional Wellbeing

Emotions are a gift to mankind. They are the energy that keeps our intentions going in different directions. What we want and we don’t want, what we like and we don’t like, all stem from emotions. Life is all about increasing the pleasure and reducing the pain, this can be a physical or an emotional pain or pleasure.

While it is clear and universally true about what causes physical pain and pleasure, things like getting hurt, falling down, experiencing an orgasm. These experiences cannot change in any part of the world. Meaning that they are objective experiences. Emotions, on the other hand are very subjective. They are highly nuanced since they are created by what each individual defines as pain and pleasure. What is pain for one person may be a pleasure for another. There is also a varied difference in the degree of emotion. Highly sensitive people experience some emotions so profoundly that they are sometimes unable to cope with the self-inflicted challenge.

We must remember that we also have the ability to change these meanings of emotional pain and pleasure and therefore change a sad experience into a happy one. Inside our physical head is a brain connected to the sensory organs, but there is an information system called the mind, which makes sense out of the inner and outer worlds. The differentiating thing is that each one uses a different framework to make sense of this world. And thus, form our belief systems and the branches of this belief tree is our perceptions. Our beliefs shape our reality most of the time. There are beliefs for everything – how we live our lives, how we interact with ourselves, with our relationships, what we choose as professions, what we value in life, what careers we choose and how we interact mentally with ourselves. Like apes, we mimic the behavior of people around us and start unknowingly acting in the same manner. One the other hand, our perceptions play the role of how we react to situations minute by minute. Beliefs are macro views of the world. Perceptions are the micro details of the larger belief system. There are some permanent structures and some temporary structures of the way that we make meaning out of what happens to us.

Mind a ball of energy
Mind a ball of energy

When we make an emotional shift, when we go from frustration to joy, 1400 biochemical changes go off in the body. Imagine that over the course of one day. That makes a lot of sense to pay a lot of attention to the emotional dimension rather than the physical dimension. That is the key to slowing down the ageing process.

There are 3 planes of mind:

Conscious Mind: Mann or Manas

Sub conscious Mind : Chitta

Superconscious mind : Chetna or consciousness

Mind is like a ball of energy and not restricted to a particular section of the body. What is there in the head is only the brain and mind is an energy field we are immersed in. What is called the mind, comprises 90% of sub-conscious mind and only 10% of it is conscious mind.

The conscious mind contains all the logics, plans, strategies, actions, activities and things. It is in use when we are awake and the execution of all day to day activities happens from here.

Whereas the subconscious mind is a storehouse of innumerable number of positive and negative files based on our past experiences. It is the warehouse of all our habits, programs or the way we will react to each stimulus based on these files. While the conscious and subconscious aspects of our mind are closely aligned with our physical body, the super conscious mind is beyond of physical structure. In other words it exists at a level extending beyond our space time zone. It can be compared to the internet, which enables us to connect to every other computer in the universe.

Lets see how are emotions are impacted by the following factors

Positive Psychology:

Just as exercise strengthens muscles, repeating positive affirmations, verbally or mentally, train our mind to be positive and give us inner strength. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher studied the physical effects of words, songs and prayers on water. He found that the molecular structure of water changed after being exposed to different sounds. Positive messages produced pleasing structures while negative stimuli produced less coherent forms. Imagine how positive messages can influence our own physical bodies and our mind! The power of positive messages remolds our subconscious mind that can manifest the impressions we cast on it.


When we feel that we are facing an unpleasant situation, our bodies go into the primitive flight-or-fight response, secreting hormones that enable us to fight or run away. But since most stress today happens when we are sitting at our office, we have nothing to fight or run away from. Hence these hormones act on our cells and tissues, and over time, damage them. All the stress one suffers has its origins only in one place — not in our relationships, our work, our interactions with others, our dreams and ambitions, our bank balance, our loans or in our hobbies and passions — but in our thoughts. Stress, is our response to events, people or circumstances.


The Mood is also known as the 'state of mind' in that particular moment, determines the quality of our decisions. The human mind, inherently impatient, triggers emotional reactions when our ideas about how things should be collide with how things are. We sometimes torment ourselves about choices we’ve made, words we’ve spoken, and the path not taken.

While the body spontaneously lets go of pain the moment the underlying cause is healed, the mind has a mysterious instinct for holding on to create its knowledge base. Through the mind, we create a prison of suffering and then forget that we are the architect and that we ourselves hold the key that will set us free.

Deal with all your conflicts in thoughts. Find out the reasons why and what they are based on and let go of that. Anger, frustration & wanting to get rid of something is not healing. Its self attack. If every thought that you have is about making a situation go away, then that’s a huge inner conflict. The opposite is acceptance. Sometimes events take us down a journey we never planned. Teach us things we never intend to learn, changed attitudes, learn a lot of things about others, insights that were never before & meet new people. Things may have a purpose. & if the things still persist, there is still a purpose. If you accept it & allow it to stay forever, the purpose will reveal itself to you.

Change your perceptions for a good health
Change your perceptions for a good health

Emotions and physical health

The important thing to remember here, is that although toxins may be the culprit in causing cysts, tumors and other deadly diseases in the body, the real causal factor which determines where the toxins get stuck, are the energy blockages caused by repressed emotion. What many people still don't realize, is that we actually store a lot of withheld emotional energy throughout the body. You can see it in people's postures and in the way they carry their body. For years both physicians and psychologists have recognized that most disease is psychosomatic. Disease can almost always be traced to some sort of emotional withholding pattern that places tremendous stress on the immune system, which then falls prey to illness or accidents. It is imperative to maintain a good emotional health during these trying times.

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