Creating livelihoods from the sale of products that have value

Products that have Value

Lifestyle brand that integrates traditional Indian handicraft designs with latest Global style. IndusKargha is known for its handmade products made by rural Indian craftsmen. The Company has a diverse portfolio which includes authentic products, a wide variety and designs of products exclusively made in India. It caters to diverse section of society and it includes women clothing and accessories, men clothing and accessories, kids’ stationery, home décor, Recyclable and organic line of products. The unique quality of these products is that they use Indian handmade raw material with natural color’s, and natural food products to create contemporary products which are very soothing in nature. IndusKargha focuses on quality and style of the product and has maintained the same over the years.

Why are Millennial consumers special ?

Believing in something which is a product of the human creativity, its crafting capability is what gives immense happiness to both the creator and the user of these products. Since we are in the 4th industrial revolution now, it makes a lot of sense to define for ourselves, what is ‘success’. The current generation of millennials, who are between early forties to early thirties, have a much wider definition of what it means to be successful. They have seen it all, from the generation of ‘MS DOS’ to the age of the internet and Artificial Intelligence and so on. But what it takes to be truly joyful, is to bring on our fullest potential to the world. To give back when the time comes. Its time that we hold pride in the cultural background of our country, its authentic skills, and support consumption of products which make a difference to the environment and our people.

Happy Products

India has an interesting mix of all kinds of colorful and happy products, from organic food, to beautifully woven fabrics, dyes, and different handicrafts and handloom products. Besides this, there is immense talent and potential in the rural women, who have been busy for ages looking after big families, and supporting with whatever odd jobs come their way for small earnings. There is only a need to engage them in a way which is flexible to their culture. Also, to provide them small means to change their design method

s and upgrade their skills. It’s unbelievable to see the smiles on their faces when they create something new with a little guidance.

The company believes in charity, in the form of knowledge that we have. We believe that the only way to remove poverty from this country is to generate sustainable employment and the best way to do this is to help small businesses to become profitable.

Modern India with the pool of talent deserves a better life and standard of living, therefore it should revive what it was best at – handmade products designed and made scientifically and authentically passed on from generation to generation.

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